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Our Knowledge is Always at Hand

We achieve our success through partnerships, everything we do is teamwork.

We achieve results in organisational strategy, and strategic delivery – those are projects and programs which deliver the vision through increased capability. We reframe problems and reorientate people toward real solutions that exist and are achievable.

We appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of our clients' environment. All clients differ culturally, technically, administratively and contextually. 


Strategic consulting reflects your business’ orientation in the market and the needs of larger enterprises to think beyond the day to day operations and establish clear paths to where and when organisation’s capabilities will need to be enhanced, created or eliminated. Our strategic consulting has been demanded with aims to validate when all the plans are said and done and the operations are moving along as projected; when acquiring a major asset or expanding a business or conversely; and when consolidating business to ensure resilience. The following has been the focus of our strategic exercises and our consultants are keen to provide their insightful experience to drive your own Corporate Strategy:

  • Major capital or asset Investment/Divestment

  • Mergers and acquisitions 

  • Corporate Governance 

  • Enterprise Risk Analysis and management 

  • Public Private Partnerships 

  • Strategic Alliances

Connected Systems - The Internet of Everything

We are passionate about obtaining the desired benefits for our clients from their investments in the Internet of Everything (IoE). We have helped both government and industry explore their purpose for those investments:

  • For Government, legitimacy comes from improvements in quality of life and liveability for people. Those gains are only possible if decision making is shared with the connected community of citizens.

  • For industry, the benefits of increased control, accurate feedback, and precise decision making help to generate efficiencies and new bottom-line advantages that were previously impossible to find. 

We are proud of our tailored approach to understanding the Internet of Everything (IoE) in each new context and apply a fresh perspective on each occasion.

Reporting and Analysis

Effectiveness of reporting is achieved when the business understands the meaning (intent, outcome and relevance) provided by any document. The actions taken are balanced with knowledge of what data and frameworks will ensure consistent benefit. Ultimately we seek to ensure all reporting enables clear decision making.


Whether analysis is offered through Business Intelligence, Business Warehouse, Big Data methods or human ingenuity/innovation it must support activities and the intent of the organisation.

Types of Reporting and Analysis work includes:

  • Market Benchmarking/Scan/Metrics

  • Pricing

  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management Reports

  • Financial

Change Management/Organisational Transformation

Pario  recognises that all investment in change should be done in the context of a balanced understanding of the needs of the business in the context in which it operates.


Pario caters for this complexity by planning and facilitating project and transformational change through multiple perspectives in parallel, to ensure business continuity throughout the change and the maximisation of the potential of the developed entity. We recommend that the key perspectives include:

Vision and Strategy Objectives
(strategic value models)
Business Functions
(enterprise, business and systems architecture)
Service Delivery
(service delivery and systems life-cycle models)
Organisational Capability
(holistic capability models)

This requires that the complexity of an operating organisation be catered for by the analysis and plan development as well as by the support framework for the actual transformation.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management 

The disciplines of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management are central to bringing objectivity and reduced uncertainty to achieving desired outcomes.


Our approach is to use, or recommend improvements to, methodologies already adopted within our client’s environments – recognising the significant investments that many organisations are making to establish and strengthen the utility of these methods.


We bring a substantial track record in working with clients to analyse, select and deliver projects on behalf or with your organisation.


Types of Portfolios/Programs/Projects we have delivered include:

  • Design, Development of Major Capital Assets (Aviation, Rail, Transport, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas)

  • Organisation Transformation / Restructure

  • Local, State and Federal Government Capability

  • Health, Safety & Environment Compliance

  • Project/Programme Management Offices – establishment, review, refinement

  • Enterprise/ERP Information Systems

Process Re-Engineering and Improvement

Our holistic approach to organisational capability provides a sustainable approach to re-engineering or improvement to process. It involves the necessary development or adjustment of context: skills, systems, equipment, facilities, governance and culture. When considered holistically, process improvement can then be far more adaptive to any changes that occur as a result to the ever changing business environments.

Pario leverages industry techniques including LEAN, BPMN, and Six Sigma with any relevant architectural methodologies (TOGAF, Zachmann). These are used interactively during engagements to provide meaningful outcomes.

Benefits Realisation 

The leverage of all-inclusive cost and benefit scenarios, guided by the organisational context and strategic intent will provide a decision support foundation for each customer that will become embedded through Pario's facilitative consultancy approach.


Pario has extensive experience in these services within government and commercial contexts. We are familiar with a wide range of approaches to the evaluation and delivery of project outcomes and benefit realisation management. These include the Department of Finance’s Gateway Review process, the Cranfield Benefit Management Framework and our own proprietary methodologies.


The use of net present value analysis, payback period rule analysis, and internal rate of return analysis is some of the few tools Pario's team use to assist in the development of impact analysis and cost/benefit analysis. We also extend the analysis to take into account any impacts in the environment and social fields when it is required, not just the economical.

Systems Implementation 

Whether you want to build platforms for growth or improve your productivity in the current environment, we ensure that the business context (the demands and opportunities on the business) are aligned with the implementation of systems.


Pario has experienced in planning, implementation and delivery of various platforms and systems. The types of projects with which we have had success include:

Enterprise Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse

  • Information Architecture and Modelling

  • Knowledge Management

  • Data centre/Mainframe relocation

  • Standard and managed operating environments

  • Initial design and introduction

Software Development
  • Content Management Systems

  • Learning and Development

  • Management Information Systems

  • Finance and Accounting Systems

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